Meet The Team

The club runs with a team of fantastic volunteers who give up their free time to plan, manage and support the activities at the club. Without them the club wouldn’t exist.

Club Committee

Chairman: Michael Broadley Vice Chair: Simon Beals
Secretary: Andy Duxbury Treasurer: Chuka Nwabunike
Child Welfare Officer: Ed Grainger Adult Rep: Kevin Lewis
Junior Academy Manager: Andy Glover  Parent Rep: Benj Street


School Year Head Coach Coaches
Rec, Year 1 & 2 Chris York Tom, Isaac
Year 3 Brendan Crennan Karl Robinson, Stu Taylor
Year 4 Paul Andrews Ben Wing, Daniel Pilling
Year 5 Andy Duxbury Simon Beals
Year 6 Matt Pain Nick Cox, Andy Dawson, Anna Wardle
Year 7 Allan Fisher Mark Powell, Andy Glover, Steve Meadwell, Ryan Davies
Year 8 Dave Fox Jay Hawker, Andy Harland
Year 9 & 10 Gareth Whittingham
Year 11 Mark Barker