Meet The Team

The club runs with a team of fantastic volunteers who give up their free time to plan, manage and support the activities at the club. Without them the club wouldn’t exist.

Club Committee

Chairman: Michael Broadley Vice Chair: Simon Beals
Secretary: Andy Duxbury Treasurer: TBC
Child Welfare Officer: Ed Grainger Adult Rep: Kevin Lewis
 Parent Rep: Benj Street

Coaches 2023-2024 Season

School Year Head Coaches Coaches
Rec, Year 1 – 2 Chris York
Year 3 Ben Murray
Year 4 Sam Youngs, John Olaleye
Year 5 Timothy Harper Stuart Milnes
Year 6 Russell Levenston, Jonathan Simons, Lee Hall
Year 7 Brendan Crennan, Stu Taylor Karl Robinson, Jonathan Mitchell, Stephen Willmor
Year 8 Paul Andrews, Ben Wing, Daniel Pilling Andy Lipman, Simon Slater
Year 9 Andy Duxbury, Simon Beals, Lee Dawson Andy Downs, Martin Roulston, Simon Tyler
Year 10 Andy Dawson Neil Garvey, Alex Kinley, Peter Kinnell
Year 11 Mark Powell, Rob Brooks Allan Fisher
Year 12 Jay Hawker Jon Hawker, Andy Harland